Union of Societies Our children is active (since 1950.) at implementing numerous humanitarian actions for socially vulnerable children, for children affected by natural disasters and Homeland war.

Some of the actions that we carried out were:

  • Action for helping children affected by earthquake in city areas of Makarska and Dubrovnik (1962)
  • Humanitarian aid for children during war years: “Friend to friend” (collecting toys, literature, clothes, money); “With heart for children in Croatia” (humanitarian aid for injured and premature born children)
  • First humanitarian auction of illustrations for action “For child’s smile in hospital”(2013)
  • Selling UNICEF’s cards and products in cooperation with UNICEF’s Office in Croatia and societies Our Children

Active actions:

  • “Sponsorships” for socially vulnerable children in cooperation with Austrian organization “Rettet das Kind“
  • “Suitcase full of friendship” for children affected by floods – in cooperation with society Our children Vinkovci

“Suitcase full of friendship” for children affected by floods in Vukovarsko – srijemska county 



Society Our children Vinkovci in cooperation with Psychologist Society from Vukovarsko – srijemska county have stood up for children from flooded areas in order to provide them quality leisure time and psychosocial assistance.

Purpose of this action is to ensure that every child from flooded area in Vukovarsko- srijemska county is provided with a suitcase packed with basic items for personal use in every occasion. Because children and their families are not able to return to their homes for several months, they are forced to change their place of stay constantly. This action wants to help them while moving around until they can return back home.

Until now, 76 suitcases had been collected and most of them were given to children at Children’s creativity festival in Vinkovci 14th October 2014. Action had a positive response from many societies Our Children, companies, hotels, rotary clubs, associations and individuals so it has been continued. Next goal is to collect another 140 suitcases which would contain personal items for every child that has passed through playroom “Ganja” in Gunja. City Ex also joined in this action by providing free delivery of friendship suitcases to Gunja.

We invite you to join as well!

For additional information contact:

Society Our Children Vinkovci              

Mario Perković

GSM. 098/177 2094


Union of Societies Our Children

Snježana Krpes

Phone. 01/49 22 959



First humanitarian auction of illustrations for action “For child’s smile in hospital”


Under the auspice of President’s Office and in cooperation with the Union of Societies Our children, on 21st November 2013 at 19 pm was held the first charity auction of illustrations made by most respected authors in order to support the action “For child’s smile in hospital”.

This humanitarian action was supported with 41 illustrations by 20 most respected and award-winning Croatian illustrators and artists: I. Antolčić, Z. Bašić, M. Ćeran, I. Guljašević, M. Hajdinjak, B. Hollingsworth, M. Jelić, D. Jerabek, D. Kolanović, D. Kukić, Ž. Mezić, Ž. Prstec, S. Puntarić, V. V. Radoičić, S. Rešček Ramljak, T. Tomić, T. Torjanac, I. Vitez, P. Vončina i T. Zlatić.

Purchasing quality, imaginative and original art works will enable the procurement of equipment for playgrounds, schools and rooms for children as well as education of medical staff and volunteers on children departments in Croatian hospitals that are participating in action “For child’s smile in hospital”.